Silves celebrates National Day of Historical Centers – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Silves celebrates National Day of Historical Centers - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Municipality of Silves celebrates the National Day of Historic Centers through the promotion of a special program of activities that will take place on the 28th of March. Participation is free.

On this day, between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Largo da Sé, the Historic Center of Silves and Praça do Município will be the scene of several activities. In the Largo da Sé is the scene of the action "Chess Xilb", with the dynamization of a game of chess on a giant board. The Historical Center will host the activity "Illustrating the Historical Center", with the invitation to the art classes to produce illustration works subordinated to the themes of the date. Monuments, historical personages or historical events related to the city of Silves will be represented there. Praça do Município will receive the "What is what" action, a game of a ludic-pedagogical character directed to school groups of the 2nd cycle and whose purpose is to disseminate the city's cultural heritage in an interactive way.

Also from the morning of the 28th, between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., two other activities will take place in the Historic Center of the city, with a recital with Fernando Ponte next to the Portico da Sé, where works from the Baroque, Classic and Contemporary periods will be interpreted . The moment has a street animation "Urbanima", which will be translated into an interaction with the passers-by, with distribution of information regarding Silves Castle, Misericórdia Church, Cathedral and Silves Municipal Museum of Archeology.

The telephone 282 444 854 or the email address [email protected] are the contacts available from the CMS Historical Heritage sector to provide additional information about the celebrations.



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