Silves Community Gardens already work – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Silves Community Gardens already work - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

On June 3, the Mayor of Silves, Rosa Palma, handed over the keys to the users of Community Gardens, who opened doors and began to serve the community. The contracts were signed last May 31, when training was given on how to use space, how to reduce water costs, among other topics.

"We are, with this space, more than providing a place for agricultural practices, fostering a spirit of sharing and mutual aid and promoting the development of ties, because Community Gardens are precisely a place for all these learning "Said Rosa Palma at the time.

These spaces are intended for the practice of horticulture with an eminently social and educational vocation, which will allow residents who do not have their own land to grow vegetables in the soil provided by the municipality, guaranteeing this project the possibility of a complement to the budgets of the Family Aggregates.

Integrated in a set of measures of social intervention delineated by the permanent municipal executive, the project "Vegetable Garden of Silves", has the objective to foment the work and community community, as well as the contact of the local community with the nature.



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