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The Municipal Museum of Archeology will inaugurate the exhibition “Silves in Time and by the Sea” at the opening of the Silves Medieval Fair. The exhibition will be open to the public in the Museum's Temporary Exhibition Room until May 2020. The opening will take place at 7 pm.

«The aim is to make the city's visitors aware of the importance of the river; which is a central element of the story that is told in this edition of the Medieval Fair of Silves, had throughout the life of this city », explains Rosa Palma, Mayor of Silves. «We do not want this event to be just an animation event, but to truly discover the history of our city and its importance over time, and in this sense it is important to understand the role of the river in its development and relationship. which he established with peoples from as far away as the Vikings, ”reinforces the mayor.

The proximity to the sea has made the territory of Silves a space occupied by man since at least the Iron Age, when it is founded in the immediate vicinity of the current city a trading post that remained active until the Islamic era. It is to this last period that goes back to the oldest written source alluding to Silves, that describes, the departure of the port of the city of the poet and diplomat Al-Gazali, to go to the land of the Normans to negotiate the peace.

From then until now history has been in charge of telling its close relations and its territory with the sea, both from the point of view of the exploitation of its resources, and from the point of access through the Arade river to other places, with which maintained business relationships and sharing of ideas.

Based on this constant relationship and proximity to the sea, this exhibition will seek to pass through the most important points of Silves history. Starting in the distant White Rock trading post, passing by the famous voyage of Al-Gazali and the Vikings forays into the Gharb Sea that triggers it; by the so famous shipbuilding yards that made it rich in Islamic times and noted during the discoveries; to reach the departure of boats loaded with cork to distant destinations that marked the city's riverside landscape until the middle of the twentieth century.

The exhibition, composed of written information, images and archaeological objects, will help to tell this relationship that Silves always kept with his river, and that led her into the sea.



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