Silves marks Day talking about books and authors

Silves marks Day talking about books and authors

"How is the passion for books born?" is the name of the conversation, promoted by the Municipal Library of Silves, within the scope of the commemoration of the World Book and Copyright Day. This digital event, which will be broadcast on the channels of the Municipality of Silves on April 23, at 3 pm, will gather around books, reading and also writing, Analita Alves dos Santos, Sandra Barão Nobre and Sónia Pereira, three book and reading enthusiasts.

«Promoted in order to encourage a taste for these themes, the action aims to present in the first person the memories of these guests around the first contacts with the book, how this passion has been nurtured over time and which projects are currently embrace and keep that passion alive. A conversation that will reveal these and many other points in common, such as the taste for travel, environmental issues and many other issues », describes the dynamism of the initiative.

Also, on the same afternoon, at 6:00 pm, the presentation of the book “Amália Ditadura e Revolução – A História Secreta”, by Miguel Carvalho. An initiative, which integrates the celebrations of the 25th of April, and has a presentation by Napoleão Mira. It has presence attendance limited to 15 people and is also transmitted through the municipality's digital channels.


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