Silves Medieval Fair with many new features – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Silves Medieval Fair with many new features - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The Silves Medieval Fair will have new scenarios, recreations of Viking rituals, technological equipment to support the visitor are some of the news that visitors will find in this 16th Silves Medieval Fair, which takes place from 9 to 18 August and which recalls the relationship of the former Xilb with the Vikings, reporting facts dating back to the year 844, when from Silves an ambassador Al-Gahzali left by boat to the Majus (Vikings) by boat.

"This year we will have the introduction of some technological supports, which will help the visitors experience and allow them to consult the program of the event, access the site of the municipality in the area of ​​Medieval Fair and also give their opinion on the event", explains Rosa Palma, Mayor of Silves. In fact, there will be five totem poles that will allow visitors to give their opinion about the event, access information about it and register selfies, which will then be sent to their emails and shared on their social networks. . "It is a way of being closer to the visitors and trying to interact with them in another way," says the mayor silvense.

Another of the innovations of this edition of the Medieval Fair of Silves is the existence of more and new points of animation, which also constitute new scenographic elements and, therefore, complement the
fair environment. A new mosque, a special stage in the area behind the Paços do Concelho building, among others, will give the visitor the feeling of being in a familiar space, but at the same time.
same time new. “We will have more points of excitement and surprises in the fantastic natural scenery of the city, which is perfect for this event”, stresses Rosa Palma with particular emphasis on the work “created by the local woodworking sector and designed by our drawing technicians” and that will result in this change of look.

Still on the scene, this year a Viking camp will be held at Al-Mutamid Square, with people in attendance, to make known the ambience of a Viking village. There will be: Vikings Tents (wooden structures and thatched and cloth covered), a boat and a Viking wagon and a funeral pyre. In this scenario the experiences (in continuous operation) of a Blacksmith, a Weaver, a Carpenter, a Leather Tanner and a Network Builder are portrayed and will be recreated (daily) the Wedding Ritual, the Sacrifices to Gods, the Blood Eagle Ritual and the Funeral Ritual. «And we are still preparing another surprise, which will involve, if everything goes as we wish, the Viking landing on the Arade River, as we want visitors to understand the strategic importance of this watercourse and how it was crucial for contact with them. peoples of northern Europe, ”explains the edil.

Revealing the immense richness of the history of this city and this municipality remains a concern of the Silves City Council, organizer of the event. «We know that we are facing an event of historical recreation and this recreation is what gives it soul, gives it the color that is so particular to Silves and its people. Silves has been a human occupation, we know, since prehistory. Through here people, religions, cultures and ways of being were very different, that let us know and ways of being and being that are very peculiar to us. Culture is a hallmark of this city and is deeply linked to this heritage we are very proud of, because Silves is a special place when it comes to culture and history, ”concludes Rosa Palma.



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