Silves Municipal School of Swimming has received Quality Certification Level 2 from FPN – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Silves Municipal School of Swimming has received Quality Certification Level 2 from FPN - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Municipal Swimming School of Silves, located in the Complex of Municipal Swimming Pools, received last Saturday, October 13, the Quality Certification of the Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPNCQ18).

Recognized levels of excellence in leadership / coordination, planning, human resources, material resources, partnerships, training process, management processes, support processes, results (teaching-learning, , society and human resources). This level is also attributed in a somewhat exceptional way, since the autarchy became part of the "Portugal to swim" program on September 3, 2017 and would be expected to reach Level 1 in 2018, but the quality of the work developed by Municipal School of Swimming allowed the assignment of Level 2.

«Now the work will be redoubled», affirms Rosa Palma, Mayor of Silves (CMS) and points out: "Maintaining the high quality standards we impose is not an option for us; is above all an imperative on behalf of all our users (current and future) ".

And it also reinforces: "Arriving here, we look to the future as a perpetual challenge to the quality of both the physical space, the offer and the qualification of the technicians. We did not get close, not even to the point. In fact, we do not want to get there, but always walk to improve what we have and bring to the user everything he deserves ". And referring to the effort and work of all the team that works in this Municipal School of Swimming says that the same "does not settle, but also knows that she does not walk alone ".

Rosa Palma also acknowledges the importance of this distinction attributed by the Portuguese Swimming Federation, because in this way "recognizes the work and effort that this team daily deposits in this space " and allows "to assure to the user that the place that frequents it has the quality that it deserves".

It is recalled that the "Portugal to swim" program aims to promote, promote and develop swimming in all its disciplines and opened doors to the local authority with the Portuguese Swimming Federation, in order to strengthen ties, namely through the realization of training for coaches, as well as the timing of national team placements in all disciplines; development of projects in the county, providing content of interest for the promotion and development of swimming and various disciplines.

Representing the Mayor of Silves in the ceremony of delivery were the Head of Division of Sport, Jorge Ponciano and the technique of the municipality Márcia Manteigas.



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