Silves opens tender for rehabilitation and concession of the Casino in Armação de Pêra

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Since August 3, 2020, the municipality of Silves has been running a public tender for the rehabilitation of the Casino in Armação de Pêra and the concession of the right to explore the area of ​​food and drinks in that same space. Individuals (natural or legal persons) wishing to participate must submit an educated proposal, among other documents, with a prior rehabilitation study at the Casino de Armação de Pêra, which takes due account of the following terms of reference:

1 – The urban intervention should focus on the restoration and rehabilitation of the image and function of the building of the Casino of Armação de Pêra, a cultural heritage of municipal interest, so that it again constitutes a reference pole on the Waterfront of Armação de Pêra, optimizing its use and public enjoyment. The building is ground floor and has a basement floor, with 888.00 m2 of gross building area and 831.30 m2 of floor area. In this sense, the building's functional program, through its restoration and rehabilitation, should consider, namely, the installation of:

· Multipurpose space of cultural vocation, for the installation of a small library / reading space, which allows educational, pedagogical, cultural, artistic, recreational and recreational activities to be carried out, with a minimum area of ​​at least 85.00 m2, equipped independent access and equipped with sanitary facilities. This space will be occupied and promoted by the services of the Municipality of Silves.

· Tourist office, which integrates the necessary functions, provided with independent access, with a useful area of ​​approximately 60.00 m2. This space will be occupied and promoted by the services of the Algarve Tourism Region.

· Establishment of restaurants and beverages, with the inherent commercial space, sanitary facilities, storage room, and equipped with a multipurpose showroom, with dressing rooms, which allows the holding of concerts, animations, conferences, lectures and training, in the remaining useful area of ​​the building. This space will be the object of the concession of the right to explore in favor of the individual who wins the public tender for the award of the contract for the rehabilitation of the Casino and the concession of the right to explore the restaurant and beverages area.

· Outside access to the roof terrace, allowing to optimize the functional use of the building, namely as the terrace of the restaurant and drinks establishment.

2 – The rehabilitation intervention of the Armação de Pêra Casino should also focus on the requalification of the exterior spaces that surround the building on the south and east fronts, to be considered for shaded exterior living space, using light and harmonized structures with the environment, combining functions of expanding the commercial area with a playful, leisure and contemplative area of ​​the urban and natural landscape.

3 – Provision should also be made for the installation of a distribution transformation post (PTD), to be located in the area for catering and beverages, in addition to ensuring compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory standards, with special attention to the legislation mentioned in the tender specifications for the public tender, with particular emphasis on the provisions of Ordinance No. 701-H / 2008, of 29 July.

The award will be made according to the criterion of the most economically advantageous proposal for the municipality of Silves and gives the selected competitor the right to carry out the urban rehabilitation operation of the Casino de Armação de Pêra and the concession of the right of exploitation for the period of 30 years of the restaurant and beverages area, although the latter is always conditioned to the previous execution of the aforementioned urban operation in accordance with the execution project that may be approved by the city council and with the conditions of the urbanistic license issued.

Since the exploitation of the restaurant and drinks area of ​​the Casino de Armação de Pêra will always imply the payment by the contractor of a monthly financial compensation, of an amount corresponding to the fixed in his proposal, in favor of the municipality of Silves. The minimum base value of the monthly financial compensation will be five hundred euros.

On the other hand, in each year in which the concession of the right to exploit is valid, the contractor will have to free the use of the multi-purpose showroom to the municipality of Silves, for at least 15 days, which can be continuous or interpolated, for the realization. cultural, artistic, recreational, recreational, educational or training activities or events, promoted, co-organized or supported by the municipality. This situation will always be the subject of an annual agreement regarding the dates of the transfer of use of the multi-purpose concert hall for these purposes.


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