Silves requalifies the Garden of Largo da República – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Silves requalifies the Garden of Largo da República - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Municipality of Silves prepares the beginning of the work of Requalification of the Garden of Largo da República that will be developed during 14 months. The investment in the order of 1.8 million euros, benefits from Community contribution in the amount of 558 thousand euros.

The public works contract consists of the promotion of the landscape and functional requalification of the Garden of the Republic. It includes green spaces, pavement, complete remodeling of water supply, sanitation and rainwater infrastructures, public lighting, telecommunications, urban furniture as a shelter for stopping, benches and picnic tables, bicycle parking, wastebaskets, drinking fountains and ecological island . It implies the creation of a water element with nebulizers, a building with a cafeteria, public toilets and a shaded terrace.

In the adopted technical solutions we opted for a contemporary approach, of promotion of the recreation and leisure, functionally welcoming and accessible to all. The municipality will also take into account the maintenance of the memory of the garden through the preservation of characterizing elements such as the presence of water, large trees, floristic variety. The existing luminaires inside the Garden will be recovered and relocated in the western zone, as well as the existing water cooler that will also be relocated.

The garden space will be structured in three distinct zones: Alameda das Arvores – the west side, the most open space, Central Square, reception area for events, concerts, fairs, exhibitions and Fresco Garden, on the east side, the area with character more intimate and romantic.

The issue of car traffic and parking was taken into account, maintaining a one-way traffic range with a minimum stipulated width, a maximum speed of 30 km / h, and a parking space arranged in a spine for a total of 79 seats, approximately same as currently exists.

In the floors of the Garden it is foreseen the application of slabs of limestone of the escarpão, decorative concrete, decorative plates, pavement granite step and pavement tier of limestone. The whole pavement of the Garden will be level, without over-elevated rides, "playing with colors and contrasts", the municipality advances.



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