Silves wants students to "Learn +"

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The municipality of Silves signed a collaboration protocol with the University of Algarve, with the objective of implementing the “Plan for innovation and promotion of school success with the APRENDER + © Maths rooms” in the academic year 2020 / 2021. This plan is part of the MILAGE APRENDER + project, an app designed for mobile devices that allows students to access educational content, both inside and outside the classroom.

It is a support tool not only for students (with regard to the autonomous resolution of exercise sheets), but also for teachers (namely in the management of their time, given that they do not have to solve in the classroom the exercises included in the forms integrated in the platform).

«The implementation of this project will allow students to study in a gamified environment, where different levels of exercise difficulty are contemplated, thus enabling support for students with greater learning difficulties and also including students who are at a more advanced level», says County. The platform also includes educational videos for the promotion of different learning styles and for active student-centered learning, enabling the resolution of the exercises step by step.

With the signing of this protocol, the municipal executive intends to «reinforce its commitment to promoting the qualitative development of the educational system, through the implementation of innovative pedagogical practices and mobile learning, so that through a network work, carried out with the different educational agents, develop mobilizing and innovative projects, at the service of the students' learning, thus fostering, within the educational community, a culture of responsibility for school success ».


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