"Simplex": multimedia comic opera confronts the interior and technology in Porto – Showbiz

"Simplex": multimedia comic opera confronts the interior and technology in Porto - Showbiz

If love arises, without "anything technological, as the most fluid and organic thing that can happen," the "contrast" between an interior that is "one of several countries within the country" and "concepts that dehumanize us" as people , through "tools that harvest us freedom".

"What happens in a village in the interior of Portugal in the face of this trampling of technology? What happens to people? ", Asks the director.

In Vila Velha do Pinheiro, local bureaucrat B Jobs, from Silicon Valley and the culture of entrepreneurship and startups, and Genevieve, a journalist who brings "passion" an ability to "put doom at the center of people's lives, the most degrading spectacle of the human condition."

Beside a "stripped down" scenario that can be manipulated and altered according to the needs of the show is a series of cameras that detect the movement of the actors and relate them to videomapping.

With libretto by Carlos Tê and José Topa and composition by Telmo Marques, "Simplex" is performed by soprano Teresa Nunes and by tenor Miguel Leitão, in addition to the musicians: the clarinetist Crispim Luz, the cellist Susana Lima and the pianist Sérgio de A.

In a "stage body" that almost takes on the role of a character, the lighting is by Mariana Figueroa with illustrations by Sara Feio, combined with the videomapping by Hugo Mesquita, in a coproduction between the Contratempus and the Teatro Municipal do Porto .

After Porto, on Saturday and Sunday, the show will go through Paredes de Coura, a place where "was built in practice", but also by cities like Leiria, Braga or Loulé, among others.

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