Sines launches tender for 4.9 million euros to qualify industrial zone

Sines launches tender for 4.9 million euros to qualify industrial zone

The municipal council of Sines launched the public tender for the contract for the qualification of the main arteries of the ZIL II of Sines, an investment of 4.9 million euros. It will be the main undertaking included in the set of investments of around 6 million euros underway in this industrial area, where about half a thousand small and medium-sized companies are located.

The contract now under tender, with the submission of proposals until May 2, will mainly focus on streets 1 and 2 and respond to the need to qualify an infrastructure with more than 25 years old where some of the main companies with economic activities linked to the industrial complex are located. and the port of Sines.

The city council of Sines also recently approved the award of another contract "decisive for the future of ZIL II, that of its nascent expansion". The execution of this work, an investment of 1.4 million euros, «will create conditions to meet the existing demand for spaces in this industrial area, allowing, with its implementation, to welcome 43 more companies and generate about 430 jobs », Says the municipality.

Industrial zone – ZIL II – in Sines

«Despite the difficult times we are experiencing, it is absolutely essential to continue to boost economic activity in the municipality. This is the largest requalification investment ever made in the main business location managed by the municipality. The qualification of the main arteries of ZIL II will allow to improve the circulation of cars and to order parking, particularly for heavy vehicles, in addition to creating very operational conditions.
safer, renewing the water and sewage network and burying the electricity, communications and fire protection infrastructures », says Nuno Mascarenhas, Mayor of Sines.

«The creation of new lots in the expansion area corresponds to the huge demand that we have felt from companies already installed and that need to expand, but also from new companies, some of which from sectors of activity with little expression in Sines, but who see here a strategic place for the development of their business », concludes the mayor.

The investment that is taking place in ZIL II is part of two operations co-financed by European funds. The "Qualification of ZIL II" operation has an eligible investment of more than 6 million and 72 thousand euros. The "ZIL II Expansão Nascente" operation has an eligible investment of almost 1.5 million euros.


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