Sixth and final season of "House of Cards" returned this Friday, already without Kevin Spacey – Current

Sixth and final season of "House of Cards" returned this Friday, already without Kevin Spacey - Current

The first episode of the series was shown the same day in several countries, and in Portugal the premiere was made simultaneously with the United States, at 24:00 on Friday, Lisbon time.

Although it is a production of the platform of exhibition in streaming Netflix, the series debuted in Portugal in the channel by subscription TVSéries. The remaining episodes will be shown on Saturdays at 10:00 p.m.

The sixth and final season of the series has eight episodes, starring actress Robin Wright, who in the previous seasons played the role of Claire Underwood, wife of Frank Underwood, the character of Kevin Spacey.

This season, actors Diane Lane, Bill Shepard and Greg Kinnear have joined the cast, including Michael Kelly, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson and Boris McGiver.

At the beginning of the sixth season you can see that Frank Underwood died while sleeping, days after Claire's inauguration. And from now on, she will try to give her presidency an identity in a context of great hostility.

In the face of the reality outside the screen, the authors of the series decided to put more female characters, marked by Claire, by its greater enemy Annette Shepherd (Diane Lane), and Jane Davis (Patricia Clarkson).

As a sign of current times, Robin Wright performed the last episode of the series. "There are really important roles for women this year" in "House of Cards," Clarkson told People.

For the actress, this is a message sent to political elites, the real ones. In the United States, women represent 51% of the population, but "only 20% of Congress," he says. "Our government and our Congress must reflect this more faithfully," he says.

Netflix has become a pioneer in the world of television production, and has allowed the platform to win its first prizes, seven Emmys and two Golden Globes.

Although Netflix never divulges the number of its audience, it seems, however, that the series has lost its capacity of attraction since three years, in which it did not win any important prize.

In October of last year, Netflix announced that the sixth season of the series would be the last.

This announcement was made shortly after the first complaint against Kevin Spacey. At that time, actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of having sexually assaulted him at a party in 1986, when they were, respectively, 14 years and 26 years old.

Following the indictment, Kevin Spacey assumed his homosexuality and assured that he did not remember the episode reported, although he said that, if it really happened, he "sincerely apologized" to Rapp for his behavior.

Meanwhile, the production of the series has been suspended and has been resumed this year.

Prior to that, Netflix and Media Rights Capital announced that they would cut off relations with Kevin Spacey, and the platform made public the cancellation of the film about the American writer Gore Vidal, author of works such as "Lincoln" or "Empire", which would be starring the actor.

Meanwhile, eight current and former "House of Cards" officials have accused Spacey of making the series production environment toxic because of sexual harassment.

Also at the end of last year, the Old Vic theater in London gathered testimonies from 20 people about the alleged "inappropriate behavior" of the American actor, who between 2004 and 2015 was artistic director of that structure.

As early as August this year, the Los Angeles Times reported that Kevin Spacey was being investigated in the United States in a new case of alleged sexual assault.

A Los Angeles County police spokesman explained that the alleged assault occurred in October 2016 in Malibu, California.

Authorities were already investigating the actor for a similar incident that occurred in October 1992 in West Hollywood.

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