Skype bets on its instant messaging tool and announces new features – Computers

Skype bets on its instant messaging tool and announces new features - Computers

After giving new life to its web browser application in March of this year, the Microsoft company now wants to compete with apps like WhatsApp or iMessage and has announced on its blog a number of new features for its web browser tool. instant messaging, which will be available in both desktop and mobile versions.

Thinking about users who eventually forget about messages in their drafts, Skype now lets them save them in the corresponding conversation and tag them with the “Draft” tag, which will be available even after you close the app. .

For those who are an avid user of the tool and do not want to lose track of a particular conversation, the app will allow you to add it to a bookmark list, which will be highlighted in the conversations tab.

In addition, you will now be able to preview photos, videos and even files before uploading them. When you select them for sending, the application displays them in the message pane, and also provides space for a description.

On the multimedia topic, if you want to share a set of photos or videos, you can now do so, and the app will organize it into an album in the conversation history.

Skype has also announced a desktop-only feature that allows users to view their contact list and active conversations in separate windows to avoid confusion when sending messages to multiple contacts at the same time. Although it previously announced it for Windows 10 only, it is now also available for Mac and Linux by upgrading to the latest version of the program.

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