small parties easier to elect deputies in Lisbon and Porto – O Jornal Económico

The chances of small parties electing at least one deputy in the legislative elections of 6 October increased, given the growth in the number of seats in the Porto and Lisbon constituencies to one more, reported the "Jornal de Notícias" This Tuesday, September 10th.

According to the map of distribution of mandates by constituencies, in Porto and Lisbon decreases the number of votes needed for small parties elected someone.

At issue is voter swing. In Porto, the number of mandates increased from 39 to 40 and in Lisbon from 47 to 48. Those who lost were the circles of Viseu (down from nine to eight) and Guarda (down from four to three).

Cited by JN, politologist António Costa Pinto said that in Lisbon and Porto “it increases the electoral competitiveness”, although it admits that the two new mandates available in those circles benefit the smaller parties, since “it decreases the number of votes needed to elect a deputy ”.

"New parties and small parties will be more likely to elect a deputy, either in Lisbon or Porto, because the d'Hondt method lowers the threshold for electing a deputy in these two circles," said ISEG professor Paulo Trigo. Pereira, in turn.

The opposite is true in the circles of Viseu and Guarda, which saw the number of mandates decrease. "The decrease in constituency mandates always favors relatively the largest party in that constituency," Trigo Pereira told JN.

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