"Smile but I was not living as I should … I looked for help" – News

"Smile but I was not living as I should ... I looked for help" - News

The week started with a big party for Vanessa Martins. The blogger turned 33 this Monday, May 20. A date that had many surprises.

This Tuesday, a day after the festivities, the public figure decided to share in his Instagram account an outburst where he reflects on the last months, which had good and less good times.

"33 The celebrations of my 33 years were unforgettable. The 32 years were slow to pass, were suffered, a black cloud seized my head, my personal life suffered the biggest changes that never thought to live them. I fought ghosts knowing that everything was happening. Good or bad, everything passes. I smiled but I was not living as I should … anxiety seized me. I sought help. They helped me. I read a lot. I practiced silence, solitude. I've ridden the best of them. And I did not understand why I had to go through this, "he began by writing on the social network, then saying that" about a month ago everything started to change ".

"My head felt cleaner … I started to notice some things … I started to feel others. We may not realize why we have to go through some things, but we'll realize later on," he added.

A publication that also serves to give force to those who are going through a less good time. "I do not know if this post could give some strength to someone on that side. There are no perfect lives… we are all human beings under construction. If you are going through a less good phase in your lives … go ahead. Do not stand and test the strength of your mind because it overcomes. And always choose the path of your happiness. Thank you to my friends, my love and my family. 'I know that one day everything changes'"he concluded.

It is recalled that it was last year, after completing 32 years, that Vanessa Martins announced that she was separated from Marco Costa, with whom she married in 2016. The couple eventually gave a new opportunity to love and by the end of 2018 both revealed that they were together again.

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