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The deputy secretary of state for Civil Protection resigned today after assuming his responsibility in choosing the companies that eventually awarded the manufacture of the 70,000 flammable smoke collars, said Lusa this Monday, July 29.

The resignation of Francisco José Ferreira comes after taking over from Jornal de Notícias on Monday, which was responsible for recommending companies to buy the 70,000 flammable smoke collars and 15,000 emergency kits.

The contracts were coordinated by the Secretary of State for Civil Protection, under the guidance of Francisco José Ferreira, leader of the PS / Arouca who, before joining the government, was a baker in a pastry shop in Vila Nova de Gaia, owned by his brother, according to JN.

The National Authority for Energy and Civil Protection (ANEPC) paid 350,000 euros to the companies Foxtrot Aventura – owned by the husband of a mayor of the PS de Guimarães – and Brain One – whose owners have won several contracts from the Arouca town hall. The current Secretary of State for Civil Protection – José Artur Neves – was mayor for 12 years.

On Sunday, the Secretary of State for Civil Protection blamed Civil Protection for the purchase of flammable smoke collars.

"The contracts, specifications, the conditions of selection of competitors, is the responsibility of the National Civil Protection Authority," said José Artur Neves.

Home Affairs Minister Eduardo Cabrita announced on Saturday the opening of an urgent inquiry into the hiring of smoke-resistant collars.

On Friday, the minister declined to respond directly to questions related to this controversy, stating that the collars are not "firefighting material".

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Assistant Secretary of State for Civil Protection recommended flammable collar companies

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