Smoother and firmer skin in just over a month – Beauty and Aesthetics

Smoother and firmer skin in just over a month - Beauty and Aesthetics

Non-invasive, the BTL X-Wave is an equipment that increases firmness and fights the unsightly marks on the epidermis that the accumulation of cellulite causes. Learn how it works and how much you may have to shell out to try it out.

In the last 15 years, various technologies have been popularized to eliminate sagging, cellulite and even skin marks. One of them is materialized by the BTL X-Wave, a device that uses acoustic waves to emit vibrations that activate the production of collagen and that stimulate the microcirculation and agilize the deep circulation, in the line of a lymphatic drainage treatment, although here of a more intense form.

By reorganizing the connective tissues, stimulating the generation of collagen and fibroblasts, the action of BTL X-Wave, through circular movements in the most affected areas, combats sagging and reduces cellulite, two of the aesthetic problems that more women reach. Non-invasive, although forbidden to pregnant women, this treatment imparts firmness to the epidermis and dissolves the nodules that cause the orange peel appearance that the skin sometimes exhibits.

After an analysis of the type of cellulitis of the client that hires him, the specialist marks the area to be treated. Next, an aqueous gel is applied and in the menu of the equipment screen, the zone and type of accumulation marks to be treated are selected with a single touch. Then, the acoustic wave is applied, which rounds the average value of 3000 shots per zone, making an average total of three minutes per area.

Finally, the application zone is cleaned to remove the applied product. The price of this treatment fluctuates, regularly, between 400 € and 500 €. On average, between 8 and 10 mandatory sessions are required. Treatment should preferably be done in two sessions per week for a month, advises most experts.

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