Socrates accuses Filipe Pinhal of "evil slander" and denies interference in BCP – The Economic Journal

Former Prime Minister José Sócrates today accused BCP's former administrator Filipe Pinhal of having left in parliament suggestions of "pure and vile slander", arguing that he "never" talked or advised businessman José Berardo on any investment.

"I have never discussed, talked to or directed Mr. José Berardo on any investment. I never had any knowledge, by anyone, of their intention to strengthen their shareholder position in Banco Comercial Português, "writes José Sócrates in a note sent to Lusa.

Today, during a hearing in the second parliamentary inquiry commission on the recapitalization and management of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), former BCP director Filipe Pinhal suggested that former Prime Minister Jose Socrates had influenced businessman José Berardo to reinforce his position in the bank, using CGD's financing.

In the reply note, José Sócrates rejects having ever sought to influence decisions of the bank's shareholders.

"I have never interfered or influenced any decision of the bank's shareholders regarding the choice of management. The shameless 'suggestions' made for this purpose are nothing more than pure and vile slander, "says José Sócrates, in a criticism of Filipe Pinhal.

Among other ideas he transmitted in the commission of inquiry, Filipe Pinhal said he presumed that the alleged influence of José Sócrates on Berardo would be related to the "guard of the collection [de arte, no Centro Cultural de Belém] with expenses paid by the State ".

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