Solar da Música Nova runs out on World Music Day – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Solar da Música Nova runs out on World Music Day - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Sold out in the Solar Auditorium to welcome Paulinho's order We read to the World Music Day, October 1, for the first time in his long and recognized career, to revisit timeless songs of Portuguese sung music.

Accompanied by a luxury collective, with Adriano Alves "Dinga" on bass, Ricardo Martins on Portuguese guitar and Vasco Ramalho on marimba – We never played with these last two guests – the prestigious Brazilian musician showed how it is possible to reinvent themes that sometimes we think they are untouchable. For Paulinho Lemos, and in his words, this experience meant above all a huge discovery, a "gift": being able to present a concert entirely with themes that he had never addressed since he is in Portugal.

A very special ingredient was added: the participation of his daughter Natália Boechat, in the voice and tambourine, which also infected the entire audience.

In an alignment that included compositions immortalized by Amália Rodrigues, Dulce Pontes, Carlos do Carmo, Carlos Paredes or Vinicius de Moraes, among others, the quality of the arrangements, the boldness of some approaches, the notorious and well-made investment in the instrumental dimension, captivating timbre cross between the various instruments, the fusion of elements of the bossa nova universe and Brazilian popular music with the sounds of our portugality, as well as a beautiful complicity among all the players.

In the end, the audience gave a standing ovation to the artists and there was still time for a two-theme encore, with "Was God" in the spotlight (played solo by Lemos) and a "Girl are at the Window" sung in unison by the audience, in an ambient setting. of great empathy with the various musicians.

Once again, with this initiative Cine-Teatro Louletano underlined its programmatic strategy in which one of the main axes is the involvement, appreciation and promotion of artists based in the region, stimulating them for creative challenges that may be innovative and, at the same time. time, surprising for the various audiences.



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