Solidary Drug Network reaches Silves – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Solidary Drug Network reaches Silves - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Silves Town Hall and the Dignitude Association; a private social solidarity institution based in Coimbra, have signed a protocol that will allow the implementation in the municipality of Silves of the "abem: Solidarity Network for Medicines" Program. Rosa Palma, President of CMS and Maria de Belém Roseira, president of Dignitude signed the document in the Hall Hall of the Municipal Paços.

With the establishment of this partner, it is possible "to guarantee access to the product in an outpatient clinic by any citizen who, in Portugal, is in a situation of economic need that makes it impossible for him to acquire the reimbursed medicines prescribed by prescription" explains the local authority. The program "abem: Solidarity Network for Medicines" is usually intended for individuals who receive social solidarity benefits, but also for those who are faced with an unexpected economic need due to involuntary unemployment or incapacitating illness, among others situations that may also be considered.

The collaboration of the local authority is to "make available its aggregation capacity, to involve and promote civil society and the business community in pursuit of the objectives" of this program, in particular by seeking to collaborate in its dissemination and in the socially vulnerable individuals whose situation is compatible "in this type of support and in the provision of a financial contribution for the implementation of the abem Program.



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