Sonic accelerates in new car racing game – Multimedia

Sonic accelerates in new car racing game - Multimedia

The new adventure of Sonic does not intend to burn the soles of his tennis, but rather rubber on the asphalt at the wheel of a kart. Team Sonic Racing gathers the blue hedgehog and 15 other known characters from the cast of the series to compete in sports car racing. During the races it will be possible to do tricks, skidding and use multiple power ups, well in the style of the famous Mario Kart series.

The main difference, as the name of the game indicates, is teamwork, focusing on cooperative gameplay, reminiscent of games like Splatoon and Overwatch. The goal is to win races through efficiency rather than speed, so depending on the game mode, wins are earned with the sum of points, counters, and other custom rules. The story mode will serve to enlighten the players as if it were a tutorial.

The new game from Sumo Digital, which succeeds Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed promises racing at breakneck speed. The idea is to drift in the tight corners to raise the level of the nitro bar and fire at strategic locations to make miraculous overtaking. And the speed continues if you can keep the vehicle in the aspiration cone of a front-runner or an opponent. The mechanics of the game cause the team's collective effort to allow the player's vehicle to maintain speed.

The 12 runners on the track are divided into four teams of three characters. Whoever is leading the team produces a special yellow trail that teammates can step on to gain more speed. Regarding weapons and powers, the usual turbos and projectiles sent against the enemies are available.

In all, Team Sonic Racing features 21 tracks full of dangers and pitfalls, closed loops, as well as thematic elements to each scenario to make difficult the teams' tests.

The game is available from today on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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