Sony reveals limited edition of PlayStation 4 "Days of Play" and other news – Multimedia

Sony reveals limited edition of PlayStation 4 "Days of Play" and other news - Multimedia

Sony has released its second State of Play, a video with the revelation of news for the PlayStation catalog, in a format very similar to Nintendo Direct. In addition to new titles, has revealed a special and limited version of the PlayStation 4: Days of Play.

The console has a metallic gray tone and a 1 TB disk, and has a stand to stand. The DualShock 4 command will have similar tones. Sony has not revealed a console release date or price for this limited edition.

Still during the event, Sony showed some titles, such as the trailer for the remake of MediEvil, a classic of the first PlayStation, revealing the release date for October 25. Also the expected remake of Final Fantasy VII was shown, namely some animated sequences and also the combat, which seems to be now in real time, similar to the latest Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix promises more news for June, that is, during the next E3.

Regarding new titles, it was shown for the first time the expansion for Monster Hunter World, with the name Iceborne. As the name implies, the new content will transport the players to icy territory, introducing new monsters to hunt, among them the mythical Velkhana. The expansion will hit stores on September 6.

Also revealed was a new Predator game called Hunting Grounds and it is a multiplayer action game with asymmetrical focus. That is, while one player controls the mythical Predator, the others form a team of elite military to capture it. The game is still at an early stage of development and will hit stores by 2020.

Riverbond is an action game, in the wave of the dungeon crawlers of the Diablo genre. The difference is that graphics is based on 16-bit art, remembering everything in Minecraft. Although it is not an exclusive PS4, as it will be available on the PC and Xbox One, this adventure brings together several characters, or rather skins from various series like Enter the Gungeon, Guacamelee !, Bastion and Psychonauts, to name a few.

Finally, the most original title of the night: Away: The Survival Series, in which the player assumes a kind of flying squirrel that has to explore and survive the dangers of the forest and other wildlife.

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