"Soon we will announce the first tenders for housing construction…" – Vítor Aleixo / CM Loulé

"Soon we will announce the first tenders for housing construction…" - Vítor Aleixo / CM Loulé

If the first and Monday parts of the interview that the diariOnline South Region newspaper made to the Mayor of Loulé were centered in the context of the pandemic, in this we begin by asking about a plan that the Municipality has been preparing to fill the lack of accommodation in the municipality, to which Vítor Aleixo was perentory in stating that “We are doing very well, very soon we will have very substantive news of the extraordinary work of an internal team of the Chamber that has been working daily in the construction of the dossier, which is a complex dossier, with multiple approaches, to solve the problem of scarcity in the next 20 years. housing in the municipality of Loulé… ”

Regarding a possible slippage in the budget due to the pandemic, the louletano mayor revealed that “We have already spent more than 2 million euros, we will probably spend a sum very close to 3 million euros, just with the panoply of responses to the pandemic…”

Asked if nothing will ever be as it was before, Vítor Aleixo left in the air that “This is the big question of people who think and there are a lot of people who think around the world, citizens think, we all think, those responsible, thinkers, scientists, everyone thinks. How will the future be? Let's change ? What is there to learn from this crisis? Are there lessons to be learned? I would say yes, that there are many lessons to be learned… ” ending and stating that "I think there is a place in this life for everything, there has to be balance, and I think that we live in a world full of imbalances, it is time to rebalance this world, for the good of all of us".


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