Sophia Awards: "Raiva", by Sérgio Tréfaut, was the best Portuguese film of 2018 – Actuality

Sophia Awards: "Raiva", by Sérgio Tréfaut, was the best Portuguese film of 2018 - Actuality

"Raiva" received the Sophia Award for Best Portuguese Film of 2018 in the seventh ceremony of the Portuguese Cinema Academy, held this Sunday in Estoril.

Seen by 7344 spectators last year, Sérgio Tréfaut's film is an adaptation of the novel "Seara de Vento" by Manuel da Fonseca, whose theme is the violence in the Alentejo of the 50's, when, in fields blown by the wind and the hunger, violence explodes suddenly and several cold-blooded murders take place in one night.

Appointed for 9 awards, "Raiva" was still distinguished by the works of the main actors Hugo Bentes and Isabel Ruth, of the secondary Adriano Luz, besides the Adapted Argument and the black and white Photography of Acácio de Almeida.

In the actors, Ana Bustorff was still voted Best Actress Secondary by the movie "Ruth".

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"Mayer Park"

For Best Picture were still named "Parque Mayer", "Pedro and Inês", "Cabaret Maxime" and "Soldado Millions".

"Pedro and Inês" had ten nominations and was without prizes, but the night was also the one of disillusionment for "Mayer Park", in which the most important prize was for the realization of António-Pedro Vasconcelos: despite leading with 15 nominations, the period movie about the magazine theater and the Estado Novo was only able to add distinctions by Wardrobe and Make-up and Hair.

"Soldier Millions", about the soldier Aníbal Milhais, who fought in World War I, had nine nominations and besides the Original Argument, dominated several technical categories: Assembly, Artistic Direction, Sound and Special Effects / Characterization.

Nine nominations also had "Cabaret Maxime", a policeman loosely inspired by the history of Cabaret Maxime, which was distinguished by the soundtrack of Manuel João Vieira.

Complete list of Sophia 2019 Awards winners

Best movie: "Rage"

Best Achievement: António-Pedro Vasconcelos – "Parque Mayer"

Best Supporting Actress: Isabel Ruth – "Anger"

Best Supporting Actor: Hugo Bentes – "Anger"

Best Supporting Actress: Ana Bustorff – "Ruth"

Best Supporting Actor: Adriano Luz – "Anger"

Best Adapted Argument: Sérgio Tréfaut, Fátima Ribeiro, adapted from the work Seara de Vento by Manuel da Fonseca – "Raiva"

Best Original Screenplay: Jorge Paixão da Costa and Mário Botequilha – "Soldado Millions"

Best Documentary in Feature Film: "The Labyrinth of Saudade", by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes

Student Prize: "Terra Ardida" by Francisco Romão – ETIC

Best Series / TV-Movie: "Sara", by Marco Martins – Ministry of Movies

Best Cinematography: Acácio de Almeida – "Raiva"

Best Original Song: "Cudin" – Composition by Miguel Moreira aka Tibars and Vasco Viana – "Djon África"

Best Original Score: Manuel João Vieira – "Cabaret Maxime"

Best Editing: John Braz – "Soldier Millions"

Best Makeup & Hair: Abigail Machado and Mário Leal – "Mayer Park"

Best Wardrobe: Maria Gonzaga – "Mayer Park"

Best sound: Pedro Melo, Branko Neskov, Ivan Neskov and Elsa Ferreira – "Soldier Millions"

Best Artistic Direction: Joana Cardoso – "Soldado Millões"

Best Special Effects / Characterization: Filipe Pereira and Manuel Jorge – "Soldado Millions"

Best Documentary in Short Film: "Kids Sapiens Sapiens", by António Aleixo

Best Short Film Fiction: "Sleepwalk", by Filipe Melo

Animation Short Film: "Entre Sombras" by Mónica Santos and Alice Guimarães

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