"Sound Riscado" surprised audiences with innovative proposals – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

"Sound Riscado" surprised audiences with innovative proposals - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Loulé received the fourth edition of the Som Riscado festival between April 11 and 14, which brought to the south several protagonists and projects of reference in the areas of experimental music and image, many of them in an absolute debut in the Algarve. With a significant public admission to most of the proposals presented, this unparalleled event of artistic concept south of the Tagus, risked once again an innovative artistic program, thinking both in minorities and in a more mainstream audience, which integrated concerts, interactive installations, performances, multidisciplinary spectacles, training and debates with names like Vítor Rua, André Tentugal, Noiserv, Chassol, Radar 360º, Lixoluxopóetico, Carlos Zíngaro and The Metaphysical Angels.

This year's edition was marked by a strong commitment to the formative dimension, with several materclasses and performative conversations, strongly involving the school community of the municipality of Loulé and the Algarve region (linked to the audiovisual area), with the participation of musician Vítor Rua and of the director André Tentugal, who focused respectively on the themes of the new approaches to Sound and Music, and the creation of Image for musical contents. In anticipation of the event, the two trainers developed artistic mediation activities in the week prior to the festival (April 1 to 5) at the Loulé Secondary School, Dr. Laura Ayres Secondary School (Quarteira), ETIC_Algarve, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences and the School of Education and Communication (both from the University of the Algarve), and at the EB2.3 / S School in Bemposta (Portimão) – partner institutions of the festival – covering a total of more than 300 students and their teachers. This aspect is also one of the programmatic priorities of the Som Riscado festival, in order to gradually contribute to the creation and broadening of audiences at the level of the experimental and exploratory universes.

The Sound Riscado opened later on April 11 with a full house in the Hermitage of N.ª da Conceicao in Loulé, an unusual place for which the organization called the "Council (scratched) of the Gods", in a sermon that joined some of the protagonists of the festival in a lively informal conversation about creative and public processes, preceded by a solo violin performance of a great name of Portuguese experimental music long absent from the Algarve stages: Carlos Zíngaro.

Also on the 11th, Vítor Rua's masterclass (six hours) dynamically involved students from the Multimedia course at Loulé High School, the Music Creation, Production and Sound Techniques course at ETIC_Algarve and the Jazz Instrumentalist course at the EB2 School, 3 / S da Bemposta (Portimão), in a full day dedicated to exploratory approaches to the sonorous and musical universes, in a relaxed atmosphere, in which Rua deconstructed several conceptions and models, interacted with the trainees and proposed several practical formats with musical performances of the students. On the 12th, it would be André Tentugal's turn to present a lively masterclass (also of six hours) with students from the Multimedia and Graphic Design courses of the Loulé Secondary School, the ETIC Film and Performing course, the Photography course at the Secondary School Dr. Laura Ayres de Quarteira and the graduates in Animated Image of the Superior School of Communication Education of the University of Algarve and Visual Arts of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the same institution of higher education. Exemplifying with his eclectic professional background and transmitting numerous practical advice on techniques and methods of image creation for musical contents, Tentugal also dedicated a substantial part of his training to the production, together with the students, of a video clip that had the special participation the musician Noiserv, which is being released on social networks by Cine-Teatro Louletano.

During the festival many children and adults joined the "Há: Som Directa" performance by Lixoluxopótico, the master of the sound sculptures that debuted in the south from northern lands in three exhausted sessions in which the amazement was the watchword, with the audience vibrating (and interacting with the artist experiencing the gadgets used during the show) with the infectious sonorities that catos, aspiradores, typewriters and other unconventional objects produced under the baton of the creative sculptor plastic sound. For its part, the interactive installation "Noiserv in your hands", made public to the foyer of the Cine-Teatro Louletano, made the delights of kids and adults, registering a very enthusiastic adherence to this proposal of the musician Noiserv, one of the guests of Riscado Sound, to dive playfully and emotionally in their sonorities.

The show "Manipula # Som", by the Portuguese association Radar 360º, was one of the highlights of the festival on its second day (April 12), with the numerous public of various ages, present at Cine-Teatro to vibrate with creativity and originality of a proposal that allied, with undeniable artistic quality, the circus arts, namely the manipulation of objects, and the universe of sounds and its multiple derivations and unfoldings. Exploring the question of how sound influences the movement and how it shapes the corporeality / physicality, the interpreter António Oliveira presented a performative work that prevailed for a great balance between technique, visual plastic and interpretive sensitivity.

On Saturday, April 13, it was the turn of a great international name to take to the stage of Cine-Teatro Louletano for one of the most anticipated spectacles of Som Riscado. The renowned and disturbing French composer and pianist Chassol debuted in the South with the concert "Big Sun", a spectacle that defied any attempt of classification, with an audience surrendered to its captivating audiovisual compositions that combine voices, music, sounds and images. On Sunday morning, also included in the program of the festival, Chassol stimulated a stimulating masterclass – it was the first time that the musician did something of the sort in Portugal – in which the participants had the privilege to contact closely with the pianist and to realize in creative processes. On the same night, but at the Solar da Música Nova Auditorium, the most experimental moment of this year's edition of the festival took place, with the debut of a luxury collective: Vítor Rua & The Metaphysical Angels. The band came to Loulé to present the double album "Androids Dream of Electric Guitar?" In which the guitar is at the epicenter in hybrid approaches of free jazz matrix and where the musical affiliation of the themes becomes a constant challenge, with the intervention of each instrument to be revealed, at every corner, a surprise. Maybe that's why the critic and music producer Vasco Completo, from the digital magazine "Rimas e Batidas", which accompanied all the Sound Riscado, said that in this festival "turns the disc and never touches the same".

To close the festival, an order that Noiserv joined the Loulean photographer Luís da Cruz, revealing the continuity (not only at the level of Sound Riscado) programmatic bet of Cine-Teatro Louletano in the valorization of the local talents and in the promotion of unpublished meetings with recognized figures of the national artistic panorama. So on Sunday, April 14, Solar da Música Nova's Auditorium received a surprising installation-concert, in an unconventional scenic device in which Noiserv played in a structure composed of three projection screens, which transported all that massively adhered to the unique performance for a contemplative and poetic universe in which the sound of Noiserv dialogued harmoniously with the images of Luís da Cruz, in one of the highlights of the festival, as many viewers would later highlight.

The commitment to the affirmation and consolidation of Som Riscado – Music and Image Festival of Loulé is thus one of the priorities in the programming of Cine-Teatro Louletano, contributing to the formation and extension of audiences derived from the diversity and daring of the offer for a greater democratization in the access to Culture and for a reinforcement of the educative and formative component as well as of the artistic mediation with both the school community and with the public in general. Risking, innovating and engaging are the mottos of this unique event, which returns in 2020 with new protagonists, approaches and formats.

For more information, please contact Cine-Teatro Louletano by phone 289 414 604 (Tuesday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.) or by email [email protected] In addition, you can consult his facebook page – www.facebook.com/cineteatrolouletano or his renewed website http://cineteatro.cm-loule.pt, both in permanent update, as well as his instagram account (cineteatrolouletano) .

Cine-Teatro Louletano is a cultural structure in the field of the performing arts of the Municipality of Loulé and is integrated in Rede Azul – Rede de Teatros do Algarve and in Network 5 Sentidos.



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