SoundCloud launches new Premium service for the Portuguese – Apps

SoundCloud launches new Premium service for the Portuguese - Apps

SoundCloud announced today that the new SoundCloud Go + premium service is now available in Portugal, which offers its users a new experience of musical discoveries. The platform, "which has become a reference for both emerging and established musicians to share their creations with listeners seeking novelties, now has a more diverse catalog," the statement said.

The service promises more than 200 million original streaming music tracks, including DJ Sets, remixes and other musical experiences produced by more than 20 million creators around the world. The service costs 9.99 euros (Web and Android) per month and will offer high quality audio, offline synchronization and will be free of advertising.

The SoundCloud Go + service is available in the SoundCloud app on iOS and Android versions, or if you prefer, at The registration guarantees a free trial period for 30 days. Note that the iOS version costs 12.99 euros per month, but SoundCloud states that its users can avoid the surcharge if they register on the web address.

The service in Portugal provides a discount for subscribers to the Unlimited SoundCloud Pro service, a premium subscription to the creators of the platform. In that sense, Go + will cost half the price for all the benefits, including integration with DJ performance software.

On the other hand, the free experience will remain, supported now by advertising, the company says. In Portugal, the exploitation of in-stream advertising and in-stream video on SoundCloud was carried out by Targetspot. In markets that have received the new service, including Portugal, it is possible for creators to put their work on the platform and monetize them. In this case you should register at

To celebrate the launch of the new subscription service in Portugal, SoundCloud leaves a Playlist composed of songs by Portuguese creators.

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