Southern Farmers Association demands "immediate support" to avoid bankruptcies in the sector

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ACOS – Southern Farmers Association demanded "immediate support measures" to avoid bankruptcy of companies and the increase of unemployment in the agricultural sector, following the covid-19 pandemic, revealed the Lusa agency.

"Farmers are working, but there are products that are not being sold, producer prices are falling, the farm economy is being affected", and therefore "immediate support measures are needed to prevent bankruptcy and rising unemployment ", argues ACOS.

In a statement sent to the Lusa agency, the association stresses that, "despite difficulties imposed by the effects of the covid-19, agriculture cannot stop and the search for solutions to the new reality also cannot" and the "global effects" caused by the pandemic "impose new approaches".

"Although agriculture does not stop, as a result of the current pandemic that is affecting human health and the economy of the country in general and agriculture in particular, some shock waves with negative effects are being felt in the agricultural" sector , warns ACOS, the organizer of the Ovibeja agricultural fair.

The association says it is "aware" that "now more than ever is necessary" and "is the answer in times of crisis" the "motto" "Agriculture Con (s) science" that had been chosen for "reflection and sharing de saber "in this year's edition of Ovibeja, which should have taken place between April 29 and May 3, but was canceled due to the pandemic.

"With 'hand in hand with science', it is important to safeguard quality production and stimulate the health and vitality of companies in the primary sector in inland areas, as is the case in Alentejo", argues ACOS, stressing that "the sharing of information, experience and knowledge is now more important than ever ".

According to the association, cited by Lusa, "science imposes itself as an objective response and to safeguard quality" and the "reinforcement of joint work", including the articulation between the production and disposal of products, "is another indicator that it matters to work ".

On the other hand, "with short or medium term disruptions in the commercialization channels, proximity circuits gain greater expression", he stresses, referring that "the trust factor combined with quality, the preservation of the environment, the development of rural areas, the guarantee of minimum production that safeguards food sovereignty and territorial cohesion are some of the topics of the new reality, which must be seriously debated ".

ACOS affirms that "it wants to be part of the solution in the defense of the interests of its associates throughout the south of the Tagus" and stresses that "the voice of those who are on the ground is fundamental for the design of new policies that are necessary, both national , as in the new CAP "(Common Agricultural Policy).


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