Space Station may be abandoned for the first time – Computers

Space Station may be abandoned for the first time - Computers

After the failure of the mission that took two astronauts, there is no forecast of new arrivals to the ISS for the coming times. And yet, whoever is there already has a return trip marked …

The incident that forced NASA astronaut Nick Hague and cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin of Roscosmos to an emergency return, about a half hour after the launch of the Russian spacecraft Soyuz, will change the schedule of the International Space Station (ISS), the European Space Agency (ESA) admitted.

Since 2011, the Soyuz have been the only astronaut space "taxis" to the ISS, but until the investigation of the Russian space agency is completed to find out the causes of the failure of this – Thursday, October 11, in land.

This may mean that the International Space Station will be unoccupied for the first time in almost two decades in a few months, since Hague and Ovchinin would join the three crew members already aboard the ISS. The return to Earth of astronauts Serena M. Auñon-Chancellor and Alexander Gerst and cosmonaut Sergey Prokopyev is scheduled for December.

However, ESA does not rule out the possibility of extending the current crew's stay until January, the deadline for them to be able to return to our planet. This is because the spacecraft that allows them to return to Earth and is already on the ISS has a lifespan of about 200 days in orbit and has been attached to the orbital laboratory since July.

In general, the ISS has five or six people on board and conducts various scientific investigations on missions lasting six months.

According to Kenny Todd, head of operations integration for NASA at ISS, the Space Station can continue to function for some time only from Earth, but leaving the orbital laboratory vacated would be a "scientific shame." The ISS has been inhabited since November 2000.

This is the second space incident in a short time, after the hole found in the Soyuz capsule. It had even been announced that both sides would take advantage of the launch of Russian Soyuz MS-10 this Thursday to meet and talk in person.

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