SpaceX capsule suffers crash during test – Computers

SpaceX capsule suffers crash during test - Computers

A Space Dragon Crew Dragon capsule crashed while conducting a test at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The first signs that something could have gone wrong happened when smoke was first glimpsed on a beach in Cocoa Beach, a few miles away from SpaceX's testing base.

Jim Williams, a station spokesman, confirmed to Florida Today that "on April 20, an anomaly occurred during the Dragon 2 test," but said it "was controlled and no injuries were reported."

The company of Elon Musk has already reacted officially. In a statement, SpaceX reports that "a series of tests were performed on the engine of a Crew Dragon vehicle in the Cape Canaveral landing zone," adding that "the first tests were successful, but the latter had an anomaly ".

For SpaceX, "ensuring that systems comply strictly with security standards and detecting anomalies like the one that happened are the reasons why we do these tests." The Californian company further assures it is investigating the incident, along with its NASA partners.

The same position was reiterated by Jim Bridenstine, Administrator of the American space agency, which through a publication on Twitter ensures that NASA will understand what failed and make the necessary corrections to move forward with its Commercial Crew program.

Still related to SpaceX, you can watch live the launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket through this broadcast on YouTube. The goal is to put the Arabsat 6A satellite communications satellite in Saudi Arabia.

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