SpaceX prepares another Starhopper "bounce" for this Monday – Science

SpaceX prepares another Starhopper "bounce" for this Monday - Science

Initially scheduled for last Saturday, August 24, SpaceX will move forward on Monday with a new Starhopper test, which could be the biggest leap in the small prototype starship test rocket, the spacecraft that the company has built. Elon Musk intends to send to Mars. It was the tycoon himself who revealed the postponement on Twitter this Saturday, confirming the FAA's "green light" for a launch window from August 26-29.

The new test will take place in Boca Chica, Texas, near the Mexican border, and everything appears to be in place, as local authorities circulated the news to warn people to be aware of space flight-related activities. the CNet.

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Exactly one month ago Starhopper made its biggest jump of 20 meters, successfully completing SpaceX's plans after setbacks in previous tests that even caused the Raptor engine to catch fire. For the new “jump”, the FAA raised the bar a little higher and authorized a 25-meter (82-foot) jump.

The small Starhopper has been used to further develop and improve the Raptor rocket engine, which will be used on more ambitious flights in the future, on Starship that aims to bring Man to Mars. And there are high expectations for this new test, as if all goes as planned, Elon Musk intends to make the public presentation of the Starship MK1, with all three Raptors installed, fins and landing gear installed in mid-September. .

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