Spain “not interested” in the rail link to the Algarve

Spain “not interested” in the rail link to the Algarve

The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, revealed today, in a parliamentary hearing, that Spain is not interested in the high-speed rail link between the Algarve and the city of Huelva.

“We are completely in favor. And we find it incomprehensible that the Mediterranean corridor ends in Huelva and is not extended to the Algarve and that there is not an opportunity for the Algarve to benefit from a connection that brings a set of tourism ”, said the minister.

Pedro Nuno Santos, who was speaking during a hearing at the parliamentary committee on Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing, pointed out the connection between Vila Real de Santo António and Huelva as "fundamental".

“The problem is that the Spaniards have shown no interest and that makes our job very difficult. We will not be able to make a call to Huelva if the Spaniards do not want to ”, added the minister, guaranteeing that the government will continue to sensitize the Spanish government.


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