Spain's richest deputy has 48 million assets and money deposited in Portugal – The Economic Journal

Marcos De Quinto, deputy member of the Spanish Citizens' Party and former world vice president of Coca-Cola, declared in Congress 47.7 million euros of deposits, shares, shares and pension plans and charged last year more than 5.6 million of euros, according to the newspaper "El Economista" on Tuesday.

His income last year came mainly from his pay in Coca-Cola, which between January and August was 5.14 million euros. In dividends, Marcos De Quinto received 353,000 euros, a total of 36,000 euros in consultancy, 20,000 euros in conferences and 3,600 euros for collaborating in radio programs.

On the other hand, the deputy also has two separate pension plans in euros and dollars, amounting to more than four million euros each, bringing all this money to almost 33 million euros.

In its accounts and bank deposits, De Quinto says it has a total of 3.3 million euros, between bank accounts in Spain (2.6 million), in the United States (497 thousand euros) and Portugal (121 thousand euros). The Citizen's deputy net worth also includes a two-story house in Madrid, one in Malaga, one apartment in New York, one apartment in Lisbon and different properties in Cuenca.

Marcos De Quinto also claims to have nearly 20 vehicles, including two Porsches, two Harley Davidson bikes and a sailing boat.

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