Specter: an app for taking long-running (smart) photos – iOS

Specter: an app for taking long-running (smart) photos - iOS

Stabilization capabilities, light adjustments, and artificial intelligence help Specter to record such images.

Do you see those artistic photos of a city at night with the traffic lights "swept"? Or the feeling of effectively moving water or other elements of nature? The effect is called "long exposure" and is usually the apex of the DSLR universe. Specter brings this to smartphones with "cameras".

The application assists with stabilizing elements and light adjustments to produce long exposure photographs, but the use of artificial intelligence takes it a little further.

With hundreds of images recorded over a few seconds, Specter has the ability to erase crowds of tourist sites. In the video you can get an idea of ​​what the app does.

Specter is available for download from the App Store, being compatible with iPhone 6 or higher models with iOS 11 – although it requires at least an iPhone 8 and iOS 12 to use some features. It costs 2,29 euros.

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