Sporting: Club expresses "total confidence in the judicial system"

Sporting: Club expresses "total confidence in the judicial system"

Sporting says "full confidence in the judicial system," said Lusa, an official source at the Lisbon club, referring to the detention of former president Bruno de Carvalho and one of the leaders of the youth club Leonine.

"Sporting expresses its full confidence in the judicial system," said the source, who was questioned by Lusa about the detention of Bruno de Carvalho and Nuno Mendes, known as Mustafa, on Sunday, who should be present at the Criminal Investigation Judge Tuesday.

Bruno de Carvalho and Mustafa were detained on Sunday as part of the investigation into the club's invasion of Alcochete on the basis of arrest warrants issued by the Department of Criminal Investigation and Action (DIAP) in Lisbon.

The former president of the Lisbon club, who is detained at the premises of the GNR de Alcochete, and Mustafa should be heard at the Barreiro court, where the proceedings are taking place, and may be subject to coercion measures, as was the case with 38 defendants who are in custody.

Also on Sunday, the GNR carried out searches at Juve Leo's headquarters in the Estádio José de Alvalade, in Lisbon, a space known as 'A Casinha', with the contribution of the Public Security Police (PSP), which established a perimeter to guarantee the security of the area.

Bruno Carvalho's lawyer, José Preto, described the detention of "vexatious" and "demeanor" in statements to RTP on Sunday, noting that the former president of Sporting had already voluntarily appeared at DIAP to make statements, can be heard.

On May 15 of this year, Sporting's football team was attacked at the club's academy in Alcochete by a group of about 40 alleged hooded fans, who assaulted some players, coaches and staff.

On the day of the events, the GNR detained 23 people, and subsequently carried out more arrests, and 38 people are currently in custody, including the former leader of the Leonine Fernando Mendes Youth.

The 38 defendants awaiting trial on remand are all suspected of committing various crimes, including terrorism, physical offense, aggravated threat, kidnapping and violence.

Bruno de Carvalho, who at the time of the events led the club, was, however, deposed in the General Assembly and prevented from running for president of the club, currently occupied by Frederico Varandas.

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