Sporting: Instruction of the attack on the Academy of Alcochete begins on Monday in Lisbon

Sporting: Instruction of the attack on the Academy of Alcochete begins on Monday in Lisbon

The investigation phase of the attack on the Sporting Academy in Alcochete on May 15, 2018 begins on Monday at the Justice Campus in Lisbon, with the interrogation of four of the 44 defendants.

The case belongs to the Court of Criminal Investigation (TIC) of Barreiro, but, for reasons of logistics and facilities, the instruction, optional phase in which the criminal investigation judge (JIC) Carlos Delca will decide if the case follows and in which molds for trial, will take place in the new room of building A of the Campus of Justice, in Parque das Nações, in Lisbon.

The investigation phase, which was requested by more than a dozen defendants, including former Sporting President Bruno de Carvalho and former club liaison officer Bruno Jacinto, begins after a postponement due to two requests for removal from the JIC Carlos Delca presented by two defendants, but both rejected by the Court of Appeal of Lisbon.

Judge Carlos Delca allowed the presence of journalists in all sessions of the investigation phase, with 14 seats in the courtroom reserved for the media.

According to a dispatch from the JIC Carlos Delca, which the Lusa agency had access to, on Monday the interrogations of defendants Hugo Ribeiro (10:00), Celso Cordeiro (11:00), Sérgio Santos (14:00), Elton Camará (15:00) and a witness.

As for the defendant Celso Cordeiro, the Lisbon Court of Appeal decided to pass him from pre-trial detention to house arrest with an electronic bracelet, with 37 of the defendants being remanded in custody.

Bruno de Carvalho will be heard from 14:00 on Tuesday, the eve of completing one year after the attack on the Academy of Sporting, in Alcochete, district of Setúbal, which occurred on May 15, 2018, during which they were beaten players, coaches and staff elements. From the morning, at 10:00, will be the interrogation of the defendant Eduardo Nicodemus.

In January of this year, the TIC of Barreiro declared the special complexity of the process of the invasion to the Academy of Sporting, requested by the Public Ministry, which, consequently, extended the term of preventive detention of the defendants who are in prison.

This decision had as a direct consequence the extension of the deadline (until September 21 of this year) for Barreiro's TIC to issue the investigation decision (if the case goes to trial), without 23 of the defendants being released.

The first 23 detainees arrested for the invasion of the academy and subsequent assaults on coaches, footballers and other members of the leonina team on May 15 last year were all subject to the arrest warrant on May 21.

On November 15, exactly six months after the attack on the academy, prosecutor Cândida Vilar (who will be the prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor's Office in the investigation phase) of the Criminal Investigation and Action Department (DIAP) of Lisbon, filed an indictment against 44 defendants , including the former president of Sporting Bruno de Carvalho and 'Mustafá', leader of the youth cheer Leonina.

Of the 44 defendants in the case, 37 remain subject to the most serious measure of coercion: pre-trial detention. Six defendants are at large, including Bruno de Carvalho and cheerleader Juve Leo, who are both obliged to make daily appearances to the authorities, but there is still a decision in the Lisbon Relation to appeal to Mustafa to custody. The accused Celso Cordeiro went from pre-trial detention to house arrest with an electronic bracelet.

Former club liaison officer Bruno Jacinto is among the defendants being held in custody and charged with the moral authorship of the attack, such as Bruno de Carvalho and Mustafa.

To the defendants who participated directly in the attack, the MP accuses them of co-authorship of terrorism crimes, 40 aggravated threat crimes, 38 abduction crimes, two crimes of violence with violence, a crime of detention of aggravated prohibited weapon and one of introduction in a place not forbidden to the public.

Bruno de Carvalho, Mustafa and Bruno Jacinto are accused as moral perpetrators of 40 aggravated crimes, 19 offenses to qualified physical integrity, 38 kidnapping, one forbidden weapon detention and crimes that are classified as terrorism, not quantified. Cheerleader Juventude Leonina is also accused of a drug-trafficking crime.

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