Spotted Algarvians want national rally title 2021

Spotted Algarvians want national rally title 2021

Ricardo Teodósio and José Teixeira presented this Sunday, through a video publication on their Facebook page, the project to participate in the Portuguese Rally Championship (CPR) 2021, which consists of driving the Skoda Fabia Rally2 EVO, prepared by ARC Sport, whose objective is to fight for the conquest of the title of national champions, as in 2019.

Despite the difficulties in obtaining support being higher, taking into account the period that is going through due to the pandemic, the Algarve duo has guaranteed participation in the CPR, which starts with the Terras d'Aboboreira Rally, from 30 April and 1 May , in Amarante, Baião and Marco de Canavezes, this being the first event of a championship consisting of eight events, four on dirt and four on asphalt, which is regretting not including the charismatic Rally do Algarve.

Among other aspects, Ricardo Teodósio explains the puzzles of 'Marca 24' by voice, thanks the partners who remain in the project and welcomes newcomers, as well as reinforces the desire to win tests and consequently the second title of champion national rally, which to be confirmed will be unprecedented for the Algarve.


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