Started: Academic wins and moves on to phase 2

Started: Academic wins and moves on to phase 2


THE Academic won yesterday the NDS Guard (3-1) and guaranteed the qualification for the second stage of the National Championship of Initiates/C Series.

The students began practically to lose, but Jaime Mendes and Jose Correia (two goals) were decisive for the turnaround of the result.

The formation of the Guard entered the encounter practically to win, with Carola to inaugurate the marker soon to the 5 ', realizing a great-punishment to puntiga lack academista, after counterattacks visitor.

Reaction of the places, translated in a tie at 13 ', in what would be the first of two goals of the student advance, giving the best follow-up to a cross. Even before the interval, José Correia bisou, putting Briosa in command of the marker: shot from outside the area of ​​Zé Pedro, with the striker to score in the recharge.

In the second half, Académica dominated, but was unable to translate in goals such superiority, before an NDS Guard who had only one opportunity in this period, also without the desired realization. The final 3-1 came only in the "discounts" and in a set of ball: corner for the visiting area, first header and Jaime Mendes, also in the recharge, to establish the final result.

With this result, Académica maintains the 2nd place in the league table and, on the next day (end of the 1st stage), moves to the field of Avanca (7th place).

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