Starts payment of support for temporary stops of fishing vessels

Starts payment of support for temporary stops of fishing vessels

The first payments related to support for fishing vessel stops to compensate for the reduction in activity due to the Covid-19 pandemic begin to be made this week, announced the Secretary of State for Fisheries.

The first 77 applications have already been approved by the Managing Authority of the Operational Program Mar2020, representing a total in public support of 1,339,067.64 euros, corresponding to 15 applications for trawlers (281,508.07 euros), 37 vessels of the siege (807,011.35 euros) and 25 multi-purpose vessels (250,548.22 euros).

After signing the acceptance terms, the administrative procedure for submitting payment requests to the beneficiaries is followed.

With the amendment of the EMFF Regulation, through the Operational Program Mar 2020, 7 million euros of public support were allocated to compensate fishermen and companies in the fishing sector in two months, for the reduction in demand and the consequent decrease in income.

The temporary stoppage of activity is also aimed at preserving resources and reducing fishing effort, stressed the government.

The applications already submitted represent public support in Community and national funds exceeding 5.6 million euros.


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