StartUp Portimão is distinguished at European level

StartUp Portimão is distinguished at European level

Startup Portimão was one of the winners of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA), an initiative of the European Commission that aims to distinguish the best practices for promoting entrepreneurship.

The incubator in the municipality of Portimão came in second in the category of development of the business environment, with the project Portugal Site Selection, and the national competition for these awards was coordinated by IAPMEI – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation.

The category in question recognizes innovative policies at national, regional or local level that promote business creation and development, simplify legislative and administrative procedures for companies and implement the “Think small first” principle, targeting small and medium-sized companies.

Councilor Teresa Mendes represented the municipality of Portimão at the award ceremony, held yesterday, October 26, where the Assistant Secretary of State for the Economy and João Neves was also present. On the occasion, projects related to the remaining categories in the competition were also awarded: promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship; investment in entrepreneurial skills; support for the internationalization of companies; support for the development of ecological markets and resource efficiency; and responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship.

«A municipal project with just over three years, StarUp Portimão emerged from the objective of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the municipality, creating jobs and securing people in the territory, providing the environment and services essential to business development. The international character of Autódromo do Algarve, where it is located, allows proximity to major brands and ‘clusters’ of potential customers, ”describes the municipality.

"This distinction is the result of the strengthening of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that we are creating through programs in schools, training of technicians from the municipalities and an activity that integrates local organizations and entrepreneurs", said at the ceremony Luís Matos Martins, responsible for Creative Territories , the consultancy and entrepreneurship support company, a partner of StartUp de Portimão, in conjunction with GEN Portugal.

During the ceremony, the fact that investment in the economic fabric of the Algarve is particularly important nowadays was reinforced, to combat the crisis of the covid-19, so it is important to search for alternatives. In parallel, StartUp de Portimão has been looking for solutions that can be useful for tourism and that help
local and regional companies to build offers that are more competitive in the European and global market.

StartUp Portimão currently has 20 companies in its facilities, five of which are foreign entrepreneurs. In the last three years, he has made an effective and consistent interaction with local businessmen, through the organization of strategic meetings with agents from the various areas of the Algarve's economic fabric.

One of the main objectives of the incubator for next year will be to attract more foreign companies to Portimão, namely linked to the automotive sector, taking advantage of the potential generated by the proximity to the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve.


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