Statistics confirm that the “most read” remains diariOnline Southern Region – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Statistics confirm that the “most read” remains diariOnline Southern Region - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Among the press of any region, or country, there is always the dispute of the "most read", albeit veiledly. And it is natural that this happens! …
Previously, this reference was recorded and advertised by each in his own way, to say that his newspaper was the most read. There were even those who presented invoices of his organ's graphic print, along with other unclear procedures for the purpose of asserting his claims, but all these data could somehow be inflated …
Today with newspapers published on the Internet, on their websites, of course this kind of 'evidence' can no longer be used and the statement of the 'most read' in modern times can only be conveyed through electronically recorded data on servers. It is true that inflation of this data has become virtually impossible.
Thus, without any room for doubt or dispute, diariOnline South Region, with 292,118 unique visitors and 1,745,023 pages views registered September 2019 – if no one presents superior data in the meantime – will remain the most read online newspaper from southern Portugal.
It is not enough for any site to obtain registration of pages views within a given period. You must also get the electronic record of the largest volume of unique visitors to be able to assert your leadership.

Unique visitors, sure

Although the reading of statistics may give rise to several interpretations and so it may be evident that something that may be more valuable to a particular stakeholder at a given time, only an electronic record can be what represents the largest penetration in society, that is, what indicates the largest number of readers / visitors.
Note that this is the unique visitor registration – a registration that only demonstrates the visitor's individuality, which cannot be tampered with through robotic systems, or others, because their registration (via IP) – only registered if the second visit is actually carried out and within 48 hours.
The third, fourth and most visits are not recorded as unique, so it is not possible to force repeat unique visitor replays, counting only the overall visitor volume.
Those who enter the site once are only registered as visitors, spontaneous and / or simple, counting only the overall volume of visitors and not the number of unique visitors. Example: diariOnline South Region registered a total of 445,054 visitors last September, of which only 292,118 were unique visitors.

Pages Views, a credible record but …

The open page count (pages views) it represents, as it were, a collective leafing through the newspaper. That is, this represents the number of pages that have been visited (or opened), and may also be a good indicator of visitor flow (if you know the average number of pages opened by each visitor), but this page opening without being supplemented with the number of unique visitors eventually results in incomplete information.
For example, diariOnline Southern Region recorded last September a total volume of pages visited from 3,486,319 pages, but only 1,745,023 were pages opened by unique visitors (292,118), properly recorded and loyal as shown in the chart.

The Various Search Engines

There are hundreds of search engines on the Net. The most popular and most used is undoubtedly the Google, in its various extensions in terms of regions or countries, such as, or the, The, etc…
Google's statistics tool is the Analytics, but must be carefully considered, because the data it presents does not represent the total gathering of data produced by visitors to a site or the total number of pages opened on that particular site that is not being served by Google Analytics.
This is because there are many other search engines, some much older than Analytics, and their users are naturally out of their statistics.
Among many others, we highlight: the FROG, Yahoo, Firefox, Safari, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Myway, UOL, MSN, Microsoft Windows Live, MegaIndex, Unknown, Apache, LinkedInbot, Konqueror, etc … in addition to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc … which also play a very important role here and which must necessarily be considered.

AWStats is our statistics counter

It is through the electronic records system AWStats that our site is permanently being 'watched' and registered. We chose this hit counter system several years ago, long before Google Analytics existed and it seems important to us to keep our loyalty, because it also gives us the loyalty of many search engine users on the Net, which makes us that the total sum of registered visitors – in Portugal, Europe, the United States or Latin America and Africa, among other diariOnline South Region the most visited online newspaper of the Algarve region.
We have no doubt about this statement.
Besides that, AWStats It is a fully independent tool that is outside the business interests of the Net world, and ensures the necessary transparency of results.



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