"Stir to report" is the new proposal of Facebook – Internet

"Stir to report" is the new proposal of Facebook - Internet

Facebook has found a new way to streamline the communication of bugs to users. The social network has developed a mechanism that consists of shaking the phone, every time the user is faced with a bug. So whenever the phone shakes while in the app, a form will appear so that it can describe the error in detail.

The feature was already available in the iOS version of the application, but will become a standard mechanic in the two mobile versions (iOS and Android).

This does not mean that it is no longer possible to report bugs through the dedicated menu that the social network has designed for this purpose, but Facebook writes that this method makes the whole process easier to complete.

The company says that in addition to wanting to know when a video does not load or does not play properly, it is also important to keep track of the times when a user can not, or does not know how to complete a task, such as deleting a story.

For now, Facebook will only launch functionality for a select group of users, but it should be globally available to everyone within a few weeks. So remember: every time you find something wrong in the app, shake the phone.

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