Stoppage for an indefinite period can help to “limit right to strike” – Jornal Económico

PCP Secretary-General Jerónimo de Sousa said today that the party is "in solidarity" with heavy-duty drivers, but warned that the ongoing indefinite strike in the sector could contribute to "limiting the right to strike."

"There is no doubt that the PCP is fully in solidarity with the workers of the sector and their demands," Jerónimo de Sousa told the 300 militants attending the summer rally that the PCP holds annually near the beach of Monte Gordo, Vila. Real de Santo António, who served to present the head of the CDU list by the district of Faro to the Assembly of the Republic, Tiago Raposo.

The secretary general of the PCP considered that “it is not possible, however, to deceive the operation that is taking place and the voices that are being heard to undermine the right to strike”, referring to mechanisms such as civil requisition , which the Government has decreed, alleging non-compliance with minimum services, to alleviate the impacts of the stoppage of drivers of hazardous materials in progress since 00:00 on Monday.

Jerónimo de Sousa said that the path to the struggle for the rights of these workers “is going on with an indefinite strike with an argument that instrumentalizes real problems and driver discontent” and warned that prosecutors “do not mind giving excuses to the limitation. right to strike, as it is happening ”.

"A path that the Government follows by adopting measures – minimum services, civil requisition, among other developments – that limit the right to strike in this sector and are susceptible to a broad invocation," he criticized.

The leader of the PCP considered it necessary to carry out a “consequent struggle, accompanied by collective bargaining, which resolves the problems”, but “reaffirms the defense of the effective exercise of the right to strike”, and referred to the ongoing negotiation process between the trucking bosses and the CGTP trade union federation.

The National Association of Public Road Hauliers (Antram) and the Federation of Transport and Communications Unions (Fectrans) signed on Wednesday an agreement on the collective bargaining agreement at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing in Lisbon, but the The business association maintained its refusal to meet with the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (SNMMP), which called for an indefinite strike, and with the Independent Union of Freight Drivers (SIMM), as long as the stoppage was not deconstructed.

“As a protocol was obtained yesterday according to new advances in terms of wages, rights and working conditions, it is necessary to finalize the negotiations, that drivers will benefit from these advances by 2020, without prejudice to the negotiation for in the coming years, and to ensure that the Working Conditions Authority intervenes to counteract the patronage's disrespect for the agreed rights ”, defended the general secretary of the PCP.

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