Storm CR7: The three cases that haunt Portuguese |

Storm CR7: The three cases that haunt Portuguese |

The reopening of the investigation into the alleged breach case of Cristiano Ronaldo to Kathryn Mayorga stirred up the ghosts of the player's past. The night in Las Vegas in 2009. The supposed night forbidden to a minor by the end of that year. The Briton who left the hotel "happy and enthusiastic" in 2005. Here is the summary of the latest controversy where the player was involved.

After adding wins inside the pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo has been involved in an intricate controversy over the last few weeks that promises to heat up even more. If the Portuguese were first accused for a case with almost a decade, during the last days episodes have been added to a story that becomes increasingly complex.

Therefore, it will be necessary to remember all the chapters of this 'novel'. Let's face it.

Las Vegas Ghost Woke Up

Kathryn Mayorga claims she was forced to have sex with the Portuguese international on June 13, 2009, at a hotel in Las Vegas. The alleged victim says she has been coerced into signing a confidentiality agreement in exchange for 325 thousand euros.

Mayorga's lawyers wanted to reopen the case, and Los Angeles police ordered it. Cristiano Ronaldo decisively denied the allegations, but the ghosts of CR7's past began to hover under the international press.

The parties 'bunga bunga' and the alleged night forbidden with minor

As the headlines blazed the name of the Portuguese international and the teacher of physical education, The Sun recalls another stout controversy with Karima El Mahroug, a Moroccan prostitute who became popular with the controversial 'bunga bunga' parties of the ex – Prime Minister and former President of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi.

Ruby, as he was nicknamed, claims to have met the Portuguese international in December 2009 and that he paid her 4 thousand euros for a night of sex. At the moment for the story, Karima was 17 years old. At the time, Cristiano Ronaldo denied the facts through a statement.

The Briton who left "happy and enthusiastic" of the alleged violation

In order to consolidate their defense, Mayorga's lawyers tried to contact a British woman who claims to have been a victim of a breach by the Portuguese ace, the year 2005. The alleged case took place at the Sanderson Hotel in Marylebone, London.

This Saturday, The Sun published statements by Vince Humphre, the driver who led the British after it left the hotel. "She was happy and excited after leaving the hotel room. She said he was loving," Vince said.

CR7 was even questioned by the authorities and the case was closed.

'New life, old problems'

Cristiano Ronaldo, in sport, changed this season Real Madrid by Juventus. The Italian club paid 100 million euros for the Portuguese international, but profited enough with the arrival of the striker.

In the first few weeks in Italy, the mere presence of Cristiano Ronaldo has made the Italian emblem beat sales records and rise in arrow in the local bag, but now, with all these controversies, the club begins to be penalized.

Sponsors and brands associated with CR7 have also tried to manage this crisis. Nike, who has a lifetime contract with the player, said he was "extremely worried" about the situation. But the 'tragedy' does not stop here.

EA Sports, a video game brand that has been using the player's image to promote the FIFA game for years, has also moved away from the athlete. At first, the photograph of Ronaldo was taken from his website and later restored.

However, beyond the problems at Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo was again out of the calls of Fernando Santos for the commitments of the National Team. Still, the 'best in the world' has received positive comments from illustrious figures. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Republic, but also António Costa, Prime Minister, left in defense of the Portuguese.

Family next to the ace: The possible 'defense'

Katia Aveiro, a regular presence alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, was one of the first to react to this controversy. The sister of the Portuguese player made public his indignation with a publication where he appears to accuse Mayorga of wanting to take advantage of the footballer's fame.

However, living her first serious love affair after Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the father of four children, will certainly also be questioned by Georgina Rodriguez, her companion, who will not, of course, like to see the name of the her boyfriend involved in this controversy.

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