Streaming wins audience with sports and creates new market in Portugal – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Streaming wins audience with sports and creates new market in Portugal - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Streaming services are gaining momentum in Portugal, especially in the area of ​​sports. Technology has become a new solution, especially for those seeking an alternative to football broadcasts. Fans of the Premier League are primarily interested in the growth of these websites. In addition to having a lower price, portability in different devices is one of the highlights.

In 2018, Eleven Sports began the activity in the country and received different critics. The traditional average did not believe the service could work here. But with less than a year, the channel has managed to win a large audience. Only counting the social networks, the platform had an audience of 374 thousand people, according to a report in the Economic Journal. In addition, through the official website, broadcast more than 1,200 hours of live competitions.


The operator expects to continue growing in 2019, mainly with new transmission rights. In addition to maintaining the Champions League matches, Eleven was also able to acquire Formula 1 and the WRC, the main motorsport competitions. With that, the station must exceed the 500 events that transmitted in 2018 and reach greater public. However, the British company is not the only one to gain space with Portuguese users and fans.

Created in Switzerland, but by entrepreneurs from Portugal, the Mycujoo platform has entered the list of companies with the most innovative technological ideas in Europe. The website transmits different sports, but less popular competitions, always via streaming. The idea is to reach out to lovers of all types of competition, regardless of mode and popularity. The website operates in several European countries, including Portugal.

Other services and uses

It's not just the broadcasting websites that grew with streaming. Online casino portals have also been able to win over new users using the technology. Some of the major websites that have activity permission in the country, as seen in the guide to the casino on GaloBonus, are beginning to broadcast games in real time. The idea is for the player to place a bet and follow the result on the website's own platform.

The videogames sector also took the opportunity to innovate with the streaming. Recently, Google has announced a new service in which it will use technology as a kind of video game. Stadia is a virtual console that will allow any device to run some new generation game. This technology is not so new, as there are other companies that already have similar initiatives, such as the French platform Shadow.


However, streaming technology depends on the speed of the internet to provide an efficient service. You have to wait for the launch, at least from Stadia, to know how it will work in the future. The truth is that the real-time transmissions are conquering the internet as well as the users. Netflix is ​​the greatest example of this success, and has already led to the creation of different proposals that change the market and the image of European entertainment.



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