Strike of drivers of hazardous materials was called off – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Strike of drivers of hazardous materials was called off - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

After a meeting of about 10 o'clock that began on Wednesday and ended at dawn, a meeting that brought together in Lisbon representatives of the Government, the National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers (SNMMP) and ANTRAM, the strike of drivers of dangerous substances was dismissed, and the first negotiation meeting between ANTRM and the Union was scheduled for April 29.

"The strike is over, there is no obstacle to normality being restored. Without a strike, conditions are restored so that normality can return," he said. said this morning at a press conference, the Minister of Infrastructures and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos.

"There is a process of reorganization that will take some time until normalcy is restored, but we will begin to feel the effects of this agreement in the next hours", said Pedro Nuno Santos, admitting that it takes a few days for the situation to stabilize.

In a press conference, Pedro Nuno Santos, began by congratulating the workers "for the correct behavior they have always had in this process and for the victory achieved". The Minister also commended ANTRAM and the authorities for the way they acted on these three days and recalled a historic agreement between FECTRANS and ANTRAM, which was reached last year, and paved the way for this solution.

"This sector is very systematic, people are very rhythmic.We hope that this afternoon, in the turn shift, companies already know who they can count on", said ANTRAM president Gustavo Paulo Duarte, reiterated his thanks to the authorities and said he hoped that by Monday or Tuesday the situation would be normalized.

"From today people know who are drivers of dangerous materials, people who work 15 hours a day so that nothing is lacking to the Portuguese," said Pedro Pardal Henriques, president of the National Union of Drivers of Dangerous Matters, stressing the importance of the Government as mediator in the conflict between drivers and association.

While normality is not enough, it should be noted that there are 310 priority filling stations, where supplies can be made up to a maximum of 15 liters.

It should be recalled that the dangerous drivers' strike began at 00.00 on Monday and was called by SNMMP for an indefinite period to claim recognition of the specific professional category.



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