Strike of the doctors. Minister admits being difficult to meet the demands – Current

Strike of the doctors. Minister admits being difficult to meet the demands - Current

Nor is there a reduction in the list of users per family doctor on the negotiating table. "We said it right from the beginning because we still have Portuguese without a family doctor," said the minister.

According to Marta Temido, the tender is being finalized for the placement of 378 new specialists in General and Family Medicine from the first period of 2019 within the deadlines set forth in the law, 30 days after the homologation of the note.

"This means that we have the expectation that by the 16th of May we will have the competition of the placement of the new specialists in the first season of 2019 launched, which is a remarkable progress not only for the professionals but also for the Portuguese because it allows to count with more family doctors, "the minister said.

Asked if there are conditions to negotiate and dismiss the doctors' strike, Marta Temido said only that at this moment the strike "is a possibility", has not yet been called.

the announcement of the possible paralysis in the last week of June, which will take place in a single day to be defined, was made by the leaders of the Independent Union of Physicians (SIM), Jorge Roque da Cunha, and the National Federation of Physicians (FNAM), João Proença, after a meeting on Tuesday with the Minister of Health and the Secretary of State for Health, Raquel Duarte.

Trade unions are said to be "pushed into the strike," reminding them that their claims, which they claim to have no response from the Government, are four years old.

A new meeting of the two union structures with the Ministry of Health was scheduled for June 7.

In May 2018 the doctors held a national strike of three days, called by the SIM and FNAM.

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