"Stripped": TVI will put chains on (literally) naked in new reality show

"Stripped": TVI will put chains on (literally) naked in new reality show

TVI is preparing an adaptation of the "Stripped" program.

Even before debut "First Dates", with Fátima Lopes and Rúben Rua, TVI is already preparing a new reality show for 2019. "Container" will be an adaptation of the program "Stripped", produced by the channel Bravo TV.

In the program, competitors will lose all their assets, including clothing. Over the course of days, participants will have to overcome various challenges in order to recover some of their personal belongings.

Watch the teaser of the first episode of Barvo TV:

At the same time, the competitors of the reality show must continue to do their usual routine, always without their personal assets. "Competitors have to keep their day to day, go to work, be with the family and continue social life … There will be no shortage of shocking and uncomfortable moments," explains the synopsis of the original program.

"This strange but emotional social experience aims to discover how people's lives and values ​​change when they are left without all they have." This new series shows people's relationships with their personal belongings as they lose everything they have – clothing, furniture, money and all goods – for 21 days, "explains Bravo TV.

Entries for the TVI program are already open. "Do you feel sunk in the hundreds of things that you buy for your home? Do you need all this to be happy? The greatest social experience of Portuguese television is coming. where you will really realize what you need to be happy.Want to test yourself? Gather the people closest to your life and enter the biggest adventure ", TVI advances in the promotional video where it announces the opening of the inscriptions. See the video here.

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