Students from Olhanian school visit Lithuania – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Students from Olhanian school visit Lithuania - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

A group of three students and two teachers from Escola E BI / JI José Carlos da Maia, in Olhão, held a visit to Šiauliai, Lithuania, from May 27 to 31 under the Erasmus + project «School is cool but IT rules'.

This project, which focuses on the use of ICTs in the classroom, involves five countries (Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Czech Republic and Romania) and promotes the acquisition of digital knowledge and skills, so that students had the opportunity, throughout the week , make contact with various interactive tools.

The stay was also filled with a trip to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, and visits to some iconic places in the country, namely the Hill of Crosses – a Catholic pilgrimage center – Trakai Castle, situated on an island of Lake Galvė. Palanga beach resort.

This culturally rich experience has also made known the Villa de Chaimas Frankelis in Šiauliai – an early 20th-century building that offers a wide range of exhibitions, concerts, film and music festivals, among others, and symbolizes the history of the city in the inter-war period and the Jewish heritage – and the Amber Museum in Palanga, surrounded by its stunning interior botanical garden.

"In addition to these experiences, we also have the wonderful relationship that has been established both between students and between teachers from the various countries involved and which has allowed us to improve the competences of each one in English and share experiences that will be recorded for life," he said. the school, in a statement.



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