Students pay an average of 367 euros per room in Lisbon – News

Students pay an average of 367 euros per room in Lisbon - News

Based on the lease data registered during the third quarter of this year in the cities of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra, Uniplaces indicated that "more than 4,600 students found secure accommodation through the platform, only in Portugal".

With regard to the city of Lisbon, the online leasing platform for university students showed that 82% of the demand was directed to "a private room in a shared house with other students", being verified that the average value for this modality of lease was of 367 euros and the average length of stay reserved was five months, with the areas of Arroios, Saldanha and Alameda being more sought after by the students.

284 euros in Porto

In Porto, the average rent for a private room in a shared house was 284 euros, "with the demand for this modality once again dominating researches (71%)," Uniplaces reported, noting that the three areas with more leases in Invicta were Paranhos, Cedofeita and Bonfim.

Of the three cities analyzed, Coimbra presented the lowest average rent for a shared room, which stood at € 197, but students mainly sought this type of lease (62%), although "the demand of full ownership is higher than that registered in the cities of Lisbon and Porto ", with greater demand in the areas of Montes Claros, Baixa and Cidral.

Still on lease data during the months of July, August and September, "26% of the country's reserves were made by students of Brazilian nationality, with an average income of 399 euros for the rental of a private room in a shared house", said the platform.

After the Brazilian students, it was the Portuguese, the Spaniards and the Italians who reserved the most through the platform, according to the data.

Created by the Portuguese in 2012, the university accommodation platform Uniplaces allows owners and landlords to monetize real estate in the university leasing market, which has been growing in recent years in several university cities in Europe.

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