Suffering has its benefits – Spirituality

Suffering has its benefits - Spirituality

All these lower emotions turn out to be temporary limitations that will eventually change our energy fields.

How many readers have not experienced an emotional pain and martyred for being in a phase of suffering? Let me tell you a secret: we all go through this harsh reality.

It is the emotional way of being aware that we have something to change. That this inner change is necessary and obligatory in every human being. We all break patterns of thought. It is inevitable not to suffer. It is strictly necessary to go through all this emotional turmoil to understand beyond. Analyzing the "scene" of our life as a spectator is lacking and sometimes it is with an emotional shock that we do. It is a transforming process that every human being needs to cross.

Who has never had a difficult adaptation of entrance to primary school and suffered from having their first social contact with the unknown? Who has never experienced the first love affliction in puberty, and suffered horrors? Who never suffered for having a pathology that he found terminal and for having fought and strengthened his inner strength, the disease never ended? Who has never suffered from the departure of a loved one? In fact all of us! It is the process of detachment. It is the process of loss. It is to channel and center the energy for us. It is essentially the process of believing! In U.S. In the inner strength! And then everything changes.

All these lower emotions turn out to be temporary limitations that will ultimately change our energy fields, and which most often blind and block us. Blindness that knocks us down. And the function of suffering is exactly the reverse. We must grow spiritually to bring this pain to the turning point.

But what is suffering?

Suffering is only and only a passing state to bring about an extremely necessary spiritual maturation to the human being. The causes of suffering are within each reader, and he always leads to processes of transformation.
Suffering is thus caused by desire. A desire to keep. To eternalize. Ownership. And if to that feeling we still add the ingredients of revolt, rejection and so many others; then the work of the reader will be even more painful and laborious. When we know how to recognize all this and all that life gives us. We will be prepared for what suffering is so minimal that we will not even realize it.
Strengthen a positive attitude towards everything and then the suffering liberates, momentarily! All these moments that the reader may be passing at this very moment will prove to him that life is wonderful, and that even these "worst" moments contribute to the spiritual perfection of the whole human being. Suffering awakens, sensitizes, sweeps and pulls us out of self-indulgence, always showing us a new path.

Life will always be willing to show you the way. Whether through pain or joy, happiness or suffering. Therefore I advise the reader to choose the path that brings you more happiness. Surely it will not be living in distress, will it?

Decide to be light, decide to be happy!

Ricardo Fonseca – Tarologo & Spiritual Therapist
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